A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

I must have been asked 1,000,000 times: “Why are you helping a third world country and not America, you know America has poor people too?” When we arrived back to Miami the guy at the customs asked me this question when he found out we were doing mission work in Guyana. Many of the other people traveling with me were also bombarded with this question prior to our mission work. Well here is my reason for helping out in Guyana: Look at this picture below of the home. Take a moment just to observe it. A family of 8 lives in this house. They do not have “Food Stamps”, or “Social Security Checks”. The government does not provide ANY assistance for families in need, because the government itself needs assistance. Though this family has no help they remain faithful and walk with God. “Auntie” down the street looks after the six kids while the parents work long hour jobs. “Auntie” gets nothing in return. That’s what a loving community does, they look after on another.

If you happen to bump into any of the family members while walking down the street they would greet you with a warm smile. They do not let their living conditions affect their attitude towards others. I challenge you to find the worst neighborhood in America to compare it to the living conditions in Guyana. I can guarantee you it will NEVER compare to the conditions in Guyana. We are truly blessed here in America and we all need a reality check. It’s time to stop being selfish and help one another out.. how else will we ever have world peace? I will continue to do mission work around the world AND in America because I do not believe in ONLY helping out the country you live in, I believe in helping where help is needed… regardless of the location.

Written by: Lauren Marie Adames


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