“Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth.” - Shirley Chisholm

Service Learning Projects


Volunteers pay an all-inclusive program fee the cost is determined by the destination of the trip, discounts are given to returning students. The fee covers lodging, meals, training, learning opportunities and in-country transportation. Fees are used to hire locals to host, cook, drive and teach the volunteers during their stay. Fees do NOT include airfare

ICO will assist local colleges with fund raising events that will alleviate the cost of the trip.

Trips are conducted during spring, summer and winter break for the duration of one week. Other times can be arranged, a minimum of 5 students is needed for trip to take place.

Volunteers will live and eat with host families. This way they get to experience the true culture of the community.

There will be one free day; the student will get an opportunity to experience the country at its best. The students will decide on what they would like to do, whether it’s going to the beach, visiting waterfalls, hiking the mountain or an array of other eventful activities.

All participants are required to have health insurance, which will be varied by the school. Participants without health insurance will not be able to attend the program.



The organization offers tutoring services for children in need and to the community at large. There is a nominal fee that is associated with this program; the funding from this program goes towards operating the summer camps.


Summer Camps

ICO believes that charity starts at home, and even though the organization helps those in third world countries, children in America are facing poverty as well. ICO is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of all children regardless of their location. The organization conducts summer camps for inner city youths who can’t afford traditional camps. They will get the opportunity to take field trips and also get to meet some very influential people within the community and the United States.


Motivational Speaking

We all need to be uplifted, ICO is dedicated to doing just that, the Founder of ICO Onica Charles, will be available to conduct motivational speaking to schools , colleges and anyone or organization in of it.