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Alternative Breaks at FIU – Guyana

Alternative Breaks at FIU is a program that allows students to become active members of their society by volunteering with community partners around the world. This Spring 2016, I had the opportunity to travel to Guyana with International Children’s Outreach to volunteer with at-risk youth. Being that this was my second service trip, I thought […]

US-based charity ICO to unveil massive projects in 2016

January 3, 2016 | By KNews | Filed Under News International Children’s Outreach (ICO), is seeking to achieve new levels of success in 2016, as it embarks on massive projects aimed at developing the lives of as many Guyanese children as the organization possible can. Guyana-born Onica Charles who migrated to the United States of […]

FIU aB-Winter Break 2015 Experience

by Aujanae Watson-Site Leader For one week, 9 students from Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, Florida, traveled to Montego Bay to work with the girls at Pringle Home. Starting out, we knew that we would be helping remodel their home by adding a new coat of paint to their bedrooms, hallways, and living areas. […]